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Here you are some interesting and useful material for you to practise, learn and enjoy with English. Let's take a look at these teaching/learning material:

Irregular Verbs List with Pronunciation and Translation

One of the most difficult things when learnign English is to learn all Irregular Verbs with their Past Simple form, and if that weren't enough, their Past Participle form too which is also complicated. Even pronunciation is sometimes difficult too. Here you are a list of Irregular Verbs with their Past Simple and Past Participle form which includes their Phonetical Transcription to practise pronunciation and their Translations into Spanish. Check it out here !!!

Wordreference - Online Dictionary

Here you can find lots of definitions, translations, phrasal verbs, idioms and more. Type the word you are searching for here or click on WORDREFERENCE.com to go to the main page.

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