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Here you are some interesting and useful material for you to practise, learn and enjoy with English. Let's take a look at these teaching/learning material:

Titanic - By Paul Shipton

These week the world commemorates 100 years of the Titanic's sinking which has been made into a film by James Cameron and has been recreated by many documentaries, The Green Chalkboard brings you a beautiful and nice E-Book to discover a bit more about this legendary ship and its dramatic end. Hope you read and like it !

Wordreference - Online Dictionary

Here you can find lots of definitions, translations, phrasal verbs, idioms and more. Type the word you are searching for here or click on WORDREFERENCE.com to go to the main page.

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I hope these web links and teaching/learning material can be useful for you. There are lots of interesting web pages and links to practise, learn and improve your English.... For sure I'll be updating these links to bring you the best on English. See you later !!!!

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