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Here you are some interesting and useful material for you to practise, learn and enjoy with English. Let's take a look at these teaching/learning material:

Online Courses

The following liks belong to some English courses online divided by levels, topics and many activities more to learn, practice and reinforce your English skills

U.S.A Learns

U.S.A Learns is a free site for adults to learn English created by the US' Goverment so that all immigrants could learn English. In this site you can find lots of interesting activities with audio and videos included that for sure will help you improve and practise your English.

Touchstone Arcade - Cambridge

Touchstone Arcade is a free online web site to learn and practise English by doing a large variety of activities sorted by units and levels that I'm sure will be completely useful for you. Just try it !! 

Interchange Arcade - Cambridge

Similar to Touchstone Arcade, here it is another really useful web site to practise and learn English online for free. Here you can also find a huge variety of activities sorted by units and topics that of course will help you improve you English Skills. Try this too !!! 

Phonetics Focus - Cambridge English Online


Sometimes, learning phonetics can be really difficult when you don't understand phonetical symbols. Cambridge English Online is a website which offers an excellent option to improve your pronunciation and knowledge of phonetics. Try this amazing resource to learn more about English pronunciation and sounds!!!

Wordreference - Online Dictionary

Here you can find lots of definitions, translations, phrasal verbs, idioms and more. Type the word you are searching for here or click on WORDREFERENCE.com to go to the main page.

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I hope these web links and teaching/learning material can be useful for you. There are lots of interesting web pages and links to practise, learn and improve your English.... For sure I'll be updating these links to bring you the best on English. See you later !!!!

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