Teaching - Learning English Material

Here you are some interesting and useful material for you to practise, learn and enjoy with English. Let's take a look at these teaching/learning material:

My Oral Presentation - Talking about a famous person

Here you are my oral presentation about a famous person with audio and some Power Point slides for you as a reference to prepare yours. These PPT-speaking presentation is specially aimed to help my Intro 2 students at ILUD so that they can have this as a sample and can find tools which guide the preparation of theirs. Hope you like this !

Elementary English - Grammar Quiz 2

The Green Chalkboard brings to you the following grammar quiz which tests your knowledge in Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple, Comparatives and Superlatives. This Grammar Quiz is specially aimed to help my Intro 2 students at ILUD. take the test and evaluate yourselves in Grammar. Hope you take it, practise and learn !

Upper-Intermediate Grammar Challenge

This workshop is aimed at my Intermediate 3 and Advanced 1 students in ILUD in order to reinforce and practise their Grammar and Vocabulary skills. However, these flash quizes can be taken by anybody who wants to practise and learn Grammar Hope you learn with 'em !

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